Fighting talk

Pubblicato: 24 febbraio 2018 in la giusta distanza

Award-winning director Christoffer Boe swaps feature films for TV with a six-part examination of a soldier’s struggle to readjust after returning home from combat. He tells DQ how he teamed up with producer Miso Film for Danish drama Kriger (Warrior).

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Saudi Arabia is to invest US$64 billion in its entertainment sector over the next ten years, as part of a programme of reforms backed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Sorgente: Saudi Arabia to invest US$64BN in entertainment

Stars on show

Pubblicato: 24 febbraio 2018 in la giusta distanza

Television held its own at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world as an array of talent and some stunning new shows landed in Germany for Berlinale’s fourth annual Drama Series Days. DQ was in town to find out more.

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Alex Garland’s adaptation is as monstrous as it is masterful—even more soul-shaking than the original.

Sorgente: ‘Annihilation’ Is a Thrilling, Terrifying Surrealist Trip

The first Middle East production from US streaming giant Netflix, comedy special Adel Karam: Live from Beirut, is set to launch worldwide on 1 March 2018.

Sorgente: Netflix to launch first Arabic original on 1 March

Crackle’s Halpin hand

Pubblicato: 21 febbraio 2018 in la giusta distanza

US streaming platform Crackle delves into the world of cop gangs with 10-part drama The Oath. Showrunner Joe Halpin reveals how the show is informed by his own career in the LAPD and how he made the move from police officer to TV writer.

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Nontawat Numbenchapol’s new documentary took him to a militarized border between Thailand and Myanmar, a country warring with its ethnic minorities.

Sorgente: The Thai Filmmaker Documenting Life at the Margins

More than 100 civilians reported killed as suburbs in Eastern Ghouta are targeted by airstrikes and shelling

Smart speakers and podcasts are part of a massive revolution in how we navigate the world.

Sorgente: The Forces Behind the Pivot to Voice

Black Panther is a freakin’ great film. I loved how it turned out. It told a great complex story with dramatic layers and it was also a blast. But… is it the best Marvel movie ever made? Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige says it is! During an interview with ABC, that you can watch below, Feige

Sorgente: Kevin Feige Says That BLACK PANTHER is the Best Marvel Movie Ever Made, Do You Agree?


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Hot damm

Pubblicato: 20 febbraio 2018 in la giusta distanza

German writer Annette Hess tells DQ about period drama Ku’damm 56 and its upcoming sequel Ku’damm 59, her desire to create a series with strong female characters and why she enjoys writing about the past.

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Six superheroes thwart fictional evils that bear resemblance to the country’s current ills.

Sorgente: This Feisty Egyptian Comic Wants to Be the Next Marvel

It’s not just TV

Pubblicato: 20 febbraio 2018 in la giusta distanza

HBO held court at Sundance last month but Sheila Nevins’ departure from the documentary giant marks a turning point for the global non-fiction industry.

Sorgente: It’s not just TV

Its worldbuilding is expansive and its detective is hard-boiled—it’s sci-fi noir turned up to 11.

Sorgente: Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Is Over-the-Top in Every Way

Between Spielbergian sci-fi and Marvel mega-crossovers 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for big movies.

Sorgente: From ‘Black Panther’ to ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix,’ the 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Ryan Coogler’s movie overflows with truth and fire, providing an urgent counter-history for film and mass media.

Sorgente: ‘Black Panther’ Is All That a Superhero Movie Can Be, and More