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Digital methods are reinventing Gutenberg’s signature press as the darling of the DIY world.

Sorgente: How Letterpress Printing Came Back from the Dead | WIRED

The Future of Language 

Pubblicato: 24 giugno 2017 in la giusta distanza

What might books look like in 100 years? Will they be written in emoji? Could robots become authors, or readers? OZY looks ahead to find out.

Sorgente: The Future of Language | Fast Forward | OZY


It’s official: Oscar-winning director Ron Howard is taking over the reins of Lucasfilm’s Han Solo “Star Wars” spin-off. Whether that’s a win for fans or the mark of a troubling turn to the dark side for the 40-year-old franchise remains to be seen.



Trolls tried to destroy Ben Garrison’s name—but they also taught him how to internet. Now his cartoons are everywhere.

Sorgente: In Ben Garrison, the Alt-Right Found Its Favorite Cartoonist—and Almost Ruined His Life | WIRED

Plans for Facebook’s original content slate have surfaced: the social network has contracted to release a scripted TV series called Loosely Exactly Nicole, and a reality competition called Last State Standing.


A Sociology of the Smartphone

Pubblicato: 18 giugno 2017 in la giusta distanza

Smartphones have altered the texture of everyday life, digesting many longstanding spaces and rituals, and transforming others beyond recognition.

Sorgente: A Sociology of the Smartphone

Here’s a look back at the contenders to take over for Vladimir Putin if there’s a shake-up in Russia.

Sorgente: Who Will Succeed Vladimir Putin? You Decide | Wildcard | OZY

Researchers are studying how machine learning could help identify infants before they show behavioral symptoms.

Sorgente: AI Could Test For Autism Before It Even Emerges—But It’s No Cure-All | WIRED


#desanctiscinema Desanctis in a day, una giornata particolare raccontata, giocata e cantata dagli alunni del Liceo G. De Sanctis di Roma. Un’idea di Paola Cellamare, rappresentante di istituto.



Continuano a chiamarli “Generazione Z” (l’ultima generazione del vecchio secolo), ma i veri millennials, i ragazzi che avranno 18 anni fra qualche mese, sono invece una “Generazione A”, i primi ad essere nati e cresciuti nel Duemila. Per loro la tv è un elettrodomestico inventato ai tempi di Orwell più di sessanta anni fa (i loro nonni erano neonati). E’ solo un pezzo di archeologia. La televisione più usata dagli adolescenti è una tv completamente nuova (Generazione A), ha un altro nome e utilizza un’altra tecnologia. (altro…)

A voice for the voiceless 

Pubblicato: 17 giugno 2017 in la giusta distanza

A Sheffield Doc/Fest, the usual festival talk of diversity in television ignored the lessons from a general election and a scandalous national tragedy that sandwiched the event.

Sorgente: A voice for the voiceless | Perspective | C21Media


Youn Sun Nah came to jazz, a dying art form, at age 25. Now, she could be behind its renaissance.

Sorgente: Can This Korean Singer Revive French Jazz? | Rising Stars | OZY

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Sorgente: A History Of Violence: Quentin Tarantino makes his one true action movie, and it’s glorious

It seems like with each passing day, the small world that is the media industry gets a little smaller. On Tuesday, Time, Inc. announced it would be laying off or buying out 300 people as part of a …

Sorgente: What’s behind the recent media bloodbath? The dominance of Google and Facebook – Poynter

The TV industry has never been closer to seeing true unification in premium video, according to the Q1 2017 Video Monetisation Report (VMR) from advertising management solution provider FreeWheel.

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Don’t expect algorithms to rescue us from misinformation.

Sorgente: Humans Can’t Expect AI to Just Fight Fake News for Them | WIRED

The streaming service is acting more like a network than ever.

Sorgente: It Was Inevitable, Really: Netflix Is Turning Into HBO | WIRED