Show di tutti i tipi, approvati da Facebook ma prodotti da terzi, si potranno guardare e commentare in compagnia, come avviene ora per le dirette

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Netflix acquired the comic book company behind Kick-Ass this week but the move was soon revealed as a pre-emptive counter to a Disney sucker punch, writes the editor of

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It’s time to check out ‘Cloud Atlas.’

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In what may be a turning point for the online video industry, social media giant Facebook is introducing a new platform for video and TV shows across its network.

Watch, which will be available on mobile, on desktop and laptop, and in TV apps, will house another new feature, called Shows. Content creators can create sets of live or recorded episodes that follow a theme or storyline.

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Playing along 

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Virtual reality is transforming the storytelling possibilities of the entertainment industry. Viewers will no longer be confined to their living rooms, but can experience the action just like live studio audiences or even gameshow contestants. Space and time will no longer be constraints, with viewers travelling through new universes without stepping foot into the outside world.

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Get ready for Phase Three of the great streaming-video evolution.

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Facebook has unveiled its platform for original content produced in partnership with a host of media companies and creators.

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Netflix is falling after it was announced that it would be losing a big source of popular content.

In its earnings call after the bell Tuesday, Disney announced it would be pulling its movie content from Netflix’s platform in order to begin its own direct-to-consumer service.

Netflix fell after the news and is down 2.96% in early trading on Tuesday.

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Forget summer vacation: In the last three months alone, Netflix has announced dozens of properties, continuing its global spread.

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New York police officers find a man sitting in a litter bin in Times Square, New York City, 1976.

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Rising trends in video, especially in European business with products such as Horizon TV, have been the bright spot for Liberty Global, particularly in Europe, as it revealed quarterly and six-monthly results for the first half of 2017.

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Veteran US chat show host David Letterman is returning to the screen with a new chat show on global streaming giant Netflix.

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Having spent the last few months reeling from a concerted effort by Arab states to curtail its activities, Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera has now been hit by a pincer movement by the Israeli Government.

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Handmaid to measure 

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Former NBC Entertainment president Warren Littlefield discusses the success of The Handmaid’s Tale and the lessons he learnt making the leap from broadcaster to producer.

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Netflix acquires Millarworld 

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Netflix has bought the comic book publishing house behind properties such as Kick-Ass and Kingsman, marking the streaming giant’s first move into mergers and acquisitions.

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