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According to EU Science Hub, the Tibetan plateau, often called ‘the Roof of the World’ is the world’s most remote place. To get to a city with a population of 50,000 or more, a person would have to travel for 3 weeks straight: 1 day by car and the remaining 20 days by foot.


New York police officers find a man sitting in a litter bin in Times Square, New York City, 1976.


Plans for Facebook’s original content slate have surfaced: the social network has contracted to release a scripted TV series called Loosely Exactly Nicole, and a reality competition called Last State Standing.



#desanctiscinema Desanctis in a day, una giornata particolare raccontata, giocata e cantata dagli alunni del Liceo G. De Sanctis di Roma. Un’idea di Paola Cellamare, rappresentante di istituto.



Continuano a chiamarli “Generazione Z” (l’ultima generazione del vecchio secolo), ma i veri millennials, i ragazzi che avranno 18 anni fra qualche mese, sono invece una “Generazione A”, i primi ad essere nati e cresciuti nel Duemila. Per loro la tv è un elettrodomestico inventato ai tempi di Orwell più di sessanta anni fa (i loro nonni erano neonati). E’ solo un pezzo di archeologia. La televisione più usata dagli adolescenti è una tv completamente nuova (Generazione A), ha un altro nome e utilizza un’altra tecnologia. (altro…)


The show’s third season liberates its storytelling by forging its own paradox-loving path.

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Privacy watchdogs think a damning leaked document about Facebook targeting insecure teens could help usher in new era in privacy protections.

Sorgente: Facebook’s Ability to Target “Insecure” Teens Could Prompt Backlash | WIRED


A protester plays Venezuela’s national anthem on the violin in the streets of Caracas while riot cops fire tear gasduring a demonstration against President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to reform the constitution in a deadly political crisis.Video provided by AFP

Sorgente: Violinist plays through the clashes in Venezuela


This may seem like just another live TV service, but Hulu’s launch is bigger than that.

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Jimmy Wales believes the crowd can fix what’s wrong with the media. But is it really journalism?

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Dopo aver ricevuto un rifiuto alla richiesta di un riscatto milionario, scaricato un file con le prime 10 delle 13 puntate di “Orange is the new

Sorgente: Clamoroso ricatto hacker a Netflix: rubate e messe in rete nuove puntate della serie cult – Spettacoli – Spettacoli –

The author says he’d trade the importance for a “more comfortable world to live in.”

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Having Coachella FOMO? Check out one of its coolest shows right here.

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The 2017 Summer Movie Preview is a snapshot of the films opening through early September. Release dates and other details are subject to change.


EVERY DAY ACROSS the nation, people doing work for Google log in to their computers and start watching YouTube. They look for violence in videos. They seek out hateful language in video titles. They decide whether to classify clips as “offensive” or “sensitive.” They are Google’s so-called “ads quality raters,” temporary workers hired by outside agencies to render judgments machines still can’t make all on their own. And right now, Google appears to need these humans’ help—urgently.