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carrieFakenews e Casa Bianca, chi l’avrebbe mai detto, eh? La notizia, in realtà, ha sorpreso solo gli sprovveduti. C’erano milioni di persone che sapevano già tutto. Sono gli spettatori affezionati di House of cards e di Homeland.


Gomorra e la realtĂ 

Pubblicato: 26 febbraio 2018 in La materia dei segni


Il tema è complesso e merita una riflessione ponderata. Al netto delle polemiche e dei commenti che sono fioccati sui giornali, l’impatto culturale di una serie tv come Gomorra non può essere sottovalutato.


Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has become rather adept at predicting future technologies and scientific advancements. With season four coming to Netflix, he and coproducer Annabel Jones reveal the writing and development process behind the anthology series.

Sorgente: The future is now



It seems by now that James Cameron has spent more time talking about his forthcoming four Avatar sequels than he’s actually spent making them. What’s clear, however, is that the filmmaker has big plans to make his sequels just as much of a technical feat as the first one was upon its release back in 2009.

Sorgente: James Cameron is doing something that’s ‘never done before’ with his Avatar sequels

Facebook Live may have found its ultimate purpose as a social sales tool. That is, if Facebook doesn’t put a stop to it.

Sorgente: Facebook Live Is the New QVC | Backchannel

The superhero team-up might be chaos, but it’s hard to look away.

Sorgente: ‘Justice League’ Is a Beautiful Mess of a Franken-Movie



Dee Rees’ “Mudbound” is one of the best movies of the year and a huge feather in the cap for Netflix.


Sorgente: ‘Mudbound’ is the best movie Netflix has released so far — and you can watch it today

There may never be a good time to release a show about a gun-toting vigilante.

Sorgente: It’s the Worst Time Ever To Release ‘The Punisher’—Just Like Every Other Time

The engineer at the heart of the Uber/Waymo lawsuit is serious about his AI religion. Welcome to Anthony Levandowski’s Way of the Future.

Sorgente: Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence | Backchannel

Come “Land of plenty” di Wenders, solo fatto meglio. Da vedere e da raccomandare agli amici, quelli veri.


Service providers are losing $6 to $8 billion annually in revenue to piracy, according to ABI Research.

Sorgente: Piracy evolves with video usage changes



Eddai, che non si può fare così. Ebbasta. Continuano a dire che in Italia manca l’industria del cinema. Dicono che si devono uccidere gli autori (troppo autoreferenziali e ombelicocentrici) e si devono rottamare tutti quei produttori fighetti che sono ormai diventati più egocentrici degli stessi autori (Pigneto docet). La tesi è stantia.


Google could gain increased clout in the pay-TV market as interest from operators in Android TV picks up and creates a surge in shipments of Android TV STBs.

Sorgente: Google’s TV clout set to accelerate with Android TV

Le prime pagine di oggi

Pubblicato: 10 novembre 2017 in La materia dei segni

His latest project is a monumental effort designed to keep you glued to your phone.

Sorgente: Steven Soderbergh’s App Will Change How You Watch TV


21st Century Fox has held talks about potentially selling its television and film production assets to Disney, according to reports.

Sorgente: Disney eyes 21st Century Fox assets

Down with the kids

Pubblicato: 7 novembre 2017 in La materia dei segni

While some say young people are no longer watching TV, the global success of series like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars has turned that theory on its head. DQ explores how series are driving youth audiences back to the box.

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