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Perché la tv ci rende infelici. Abbaiando all'albero sbagliato

In the past, I’ve posted research showing that watching television makes us unhappy. A lot of TV lovers are probably confused as hell.

Research consistently shows that what brings us the most happiness is (altro…)

La primavera araba e i telefonini. Questa foto scattata in Egitto è stata pubblicata dal New York Times ed è stata messa a confronto con un'altra immagine, quasi identica, dove al posto dei telefoni c'erano invece fuochi da campo. Proprio questa foto ha spinto David Correia, un professore dell'Università del New Mexico, a chiedersi come questa ossessione dei new media ci abbia impedito di analizzare più a fondo gli scopi e lo sviluppo della tecnologia.

A common thread in media coverage of the Arab Spring this year has been that rebellion is (altro…)

Hulkporn. Seasoned smut peddlers Vivid Entertainment launched its Vivid for Google TV app on Monday, the first TV application to bring X-rated flicks to Google’s set-top box. “It is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept,” said Steven Hirsch, Vivid co-founder and co-chairman.

Sex sells, and Google is adding more of it to its product lineup. No, no — not on Google image search. This porn appears directly on (altro…)

Per raccontare la storia dei canadesi che stanno reinventando i loro spazi abitativi sui grattacieli, hanno reinventato completamente il genere del documentario.

To tell the story of Canadian high-rise residents reinventing their homes in the sky, the makers of new film One Millionth Tower reinvented the documentary format.

The movie, which makes its online premiere above, was carefully crafted to be (altro…)

The new Android Market for Google TV apps. Image via Google.

I have a theory about smart TVs. We still don’t really know what makes them “smart”,  (Tim Carmody, said on his Wired blog). Right now, the minimal definition of a smart TV is a connection to


Se non altro, almeno ho scoperto cosa vuol dire essere qui come oratore: mani sudate, notte insonni, una paura smodata dell’orologio. Voglio dire, è alquanto brutale. E sono anche un pò   (altro…)

Sharon Geraldine, a 19-year-old visiting from Indonesia, wrote on a Post-It: “Apple is the most awesome phone ever. Thanks Steve Jobs!” “I didn’t plan this, but I’m really glad I came,” she says. “I want to show him how thankful I am, I think he did a good job to the world.” Others stopped by the store after finishing up their work day.

People of all types came out to celebrate, mourn and honor Steve Jobs after learning of his death yesterday. Some converged on local Apple Stores or flocked to Apple’s Cupertino campus, while others paid their respects online.

Several dozen Apple and Jobs fans stopped at the   (altro…)

Twitter Analysis: Massive Global Mourning for Steve Jobs (Infographic)

In the hours after Steve Jobs’ passing, researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute tried to track the spread of memorial tweets spreading through the internet. Their computers were   (altro…)

Steve Jobs nel 1984. "Ha primeggiato per anni e, ora, anche la sua morte rischia di diventare un ulteriore fenomeno della comunicazione globale".

“Il  mondo raramente incontra qualcuno come Steve”, ha detto Bill Gates, fondatore di Microsoft. La morte di Steve Jobs, per quanto fosse stata annunciata (qualche mese fa aveva lasciato la guida di Apple), ha suscitato   (altro…)

“Employees are asking themselves, ‘Was I working for Apple or for Steve?’ If the answer is Steve, they will wonder if Apple will be the same place without him,” said Gary Ballinger of the University of Virginia, who studies how departing bosses affect employees and other components of a company.

Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO will spawn some soul-searching on Infinite Loop in the days and weeks ahead, as Apple’s 49,000 employees decide exactly where their loyalties lie, according to researchers who study the effects of leadership change on organizations. (altro…)

Steve Jobs è andato. E dopo? Cosa succederà alla Apple?

Steve Jobs ha rassegnato le dimissioni. E cosa succederà adesso? Ecco le previsioni della rivista "Wired".

Much has been said about the amazing contributions Steve Jobs has made to the technology world as Apple’s leader. But what can we expect from Apple now that Jobs has stepped down as CEO? (altro…)

I'm feeling lonely, il nuovo social network di Google

Il nuovo social network inventato da Google è al centro dei primi commenti della redazione americana di Wired. Ecco cosa ha scritto il loro blogger più caustico, Lore Sjöberg. Divertente. Oh, caustico, ovviamente, è un eufemismo.

Google has thrown its hat into the social networking ring with Google+. (altro…)

Gli Usa hanno Capitan America. E noi, in Italia? Niente. Solo Martone.

Wired ha pubblicato oggi una divertente galleria degli eroi più “cool”, più fichi, del patriottismo americano. Vedi tutta la gallera a questo link. Patriot Acts: 10 Cool, Crazy Superhero Nationalists | Underwire | Noi invece in Italia abbiamo solo (altro…)

L'evoluzione (?) della specie

11 Animal Wonders of Evolution | Wired Science |

The evolution of life has not been an orderly affair. Every time a biological age is swept aside, a few creatures remain. Millions of years later, many are still with us. (altro…)


Web video masters Rhett & Link star in “T-Shirt War,” a creative new stop-motion music video that uses more than 200 custom-printed shirts like an old-school flip book.