Pubblicità per gatti: provare per credere

Pubblicato: 25 giugno 2011 in illusioni digitali
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La nuova frontiera della pubblicità in tv: “this commercial is intended for cats, bring them to the television”. Provare per credere.

Nothing says mind-blowing local commercial like this line from a small-business owner: “If you like to climb on things and get high, this is the place.”

That exact quote, issued with complete sincerity, is the kind of utterance routinely captured by the cameras for Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, a new show about viral-video masters Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. (If you must know, the quote comes from Margaret Hughes, who runs Holiday Hotel for Cats; she was just channeling what one of her feline guests was thinking — see clip below.)

The “docu-comedy,” which premieres Friday night on IFC, follows genuine marketing geniuses McLaughlin and Neal as they gather the information and outlandish video they use to create spots for their clients. It’s like a loopy Mad Men, with fewer cocktails and a 21st-century DIY spirit.

You might not know McLaughlin and Neal’s names, but chances are good that if you have an internet connection and a jones for online video, you’ve seen their work before under the auspices of I Love Local Commercials.

Remember “Epic and Honest Mobile Home Commercial“? How about “Inappropriate Zoo Commercial“? Or maybe “Black and White People Furniture“? Together the comedy duo’s hilarious (and totally real) local commercial spots have been watched about 100 million times on YouTube. Now they’re looking to replicate that success on the boob tube with Commercial Kings.

Leggi il resto su Wired



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