The Phenom Behind Finland’s Big-Screen Rise

Pubblicato: 20 aprile 2017 in la giusta distanza

It’s the denouement of our four-course meal, and dinner is settling into a lull — until, that is, Selma Vilhunen starts poking her brownie. The Finnish director perks up, growing giddy over her next passion project: Hobbyhorse Revolution. We’re seated in a special screening room on the second floor of Toronto’s Montecito Restaurant, surrounded by a film library, an old cinematic camera and images from classic comedies like Meatballs and Animal House, and she’s fiddling with the Wi-Fi setting on her phone, trying to pull up a recently released trailer of her documentary. I offer my cell so that she can share a sneak peek, and this is what her well-manicured fingers pull up:

Sorgente: The Phenom Behind Finland’s Big-Screen Rise | Rising Stars | OZY


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