Research shows video consumption equivalent to a part-time job

Pubblicato: 6 dicembre 2015 in La materia dei segni


Watching TV and streaming entertainment take up a lot of our time. In fact, you could say it’s a part-time job: Research from Rovi shows that globally, respondents report watching four hours of entertainment per day.

Altogether, video-watching is the third biggest time commitment that subscribers in the US, Europe and Asia make, after work and sleep.

In the US this is particularly pronounced. There, a quarter of respondents report watching seven or more hours per day. If jobs take eight hours and sleep takes eight more, the data implies that entertainment consumption via TV or mobile devices fills a substantial amount of people’s free time.

“What we’re seeing is that consumers’ relationships with their entertainment have become just as important as the other top priorities in their everyday lives,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager of discovery at Rovi. “Viewers are heavily invested in consuming entertainment, whether they are watching TV or streaming content. Our findings underscore the importance consumers are placing on entertainment experiences. By integrating innovative discovery features, like advanced search and recommendations, service and content providers have an opportunity to connect and engage with their customers like never before.”

This is part two of a survey into trends in viewer behaviours related to discovery, search and recommendations for entertainment content and programming. Phase one found that despite concerns among cable and satellite operators, just 3% of all respondents had actually cut the cord, with the US being the leading land of the pay-TV free at 7%. That said, nearly three-fifths (57%) had given cord cutting either “a lot of” or “some” thought.

The most pressing issue pay-TV subs were found to have was actually finding the content that they had paid for. Nearly three-quarters (73%) said they were “extremely” or “somewhat” frustrated when they couldn’t locate enjoyable content, taking on average 19 minutes per day searching for something to watch. And as many as a third said that they frequently found nothing to watch, with 7% turning off their TV or other device because of it.

As a comfort to providers, an overwhelming majority of consumers were willing to pay for entertainment programming, provided they could find it. Two-thirds said they would be likely to extend their contract, upgrade their service or sign up with a provider if they offered better search or recommendations.

Just over half of all respondents felt their content provider should focus on improving the customer experience by making it easier and more effective to search for shows, while 28% felt their content provider should do a better job of giving helpful TV programme and film recommendations.

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Sorgente: Research shows video consumption equivalent to a part-time job | Media Analysis | Business


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