Sky News makes virtual reality first

Pubblicato: 22 novembre 2015 in media


UK pay-TV giant Sky has produced in collaboration with Jaunt its first virtual reality (VR) news report.

Jaunt has a reputation for cinematic virtual reality, and Sky News’ Migrants Crisis – The Whole Picture report the report was filmed using its new Jaunt ONE, its professional grade VR camera.

Sky has been investing in Jaunt since 2013 and the two companies have tested the technology on a number of Sky original productions, including Critical, Penny Dreadful, Trollied, Fortitude and Got to Dance, as well as sports including boxing and motor racing.

Commenting on its new format, Sky News said it was committed to high quality original journalism and this is a powerful way for Sky to add depth and texture to its news coverage. “This new technology has enhanced our story telling, giving our viewers a deeper and richer visual experience,” said John McAndrew, director of news output. “[It is] the first time we can take viewers to the scene of a news story in a way that is more immersive than ever. The report gives viewers a unique perspective on the migration crisis. By taking them inside the tents where people are living and seeing what it’s like to stand on a crowded beach with possessions scattered along the shoreline, you get a new understanding of what is happening.”

Added Sky News specialist correspondent Alistair Bunkall: “The new camera allowed us to record 360 degree views. The technology means we can challenge the conventions of traditional television news reporting by showing viewers the whole picture, enabling them to see and hear it all for themselves. We can now bring the viewer with us, into the heart of the story, to see what we’re seeing, in places where they would not usually be able to go.”

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Sorgente: Sky News makes virtual reality first | News | Rapid TV News


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