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Pubblicato: 17 aprile 2017 in la giusta distanza

Today’s artists are mastering robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to stay afloat.

The materials and design aren’t radical — a 7-foot-high pyramid of plywood and sheet metal decked out with infinity mirrors, sensors and blue-purple LEDs — but the payoff of this art installation–slash–rogue science experiment by Los Angeles–based artist Leo Madrid promises to be a mind-blowing, flow-like state of consciousness. Sign me up!

I take a seat in the AZoth Pyramid in a dingy warehouse at San Francisco’s Pier 70, slap on a bulky headset embedded with EEG sensors and wait for my “quantum chamber” to whisk me off to another dimension of space and time. The interactive sculpture whirs to life, and soon pink, blue, green, red and yellow LEDs are flashing in a sequence designed to induce brain-wave patterns that create sensations of euphoria. “You’re fully programmed now,” says Madrid, half-joking.

Think about art. What comes to mind? Maybe Van Gogh, Dali, Monet. Today, eye-popping technology is redefining this oldest of human endeavors in strange, new ways. Artistic works are created by people weaving through laser beams or from data gathered on air pollution. Rachel Rossin, the first-ever virtual reality fellow of the New Museum in New York City, creates paintings in virtual reality and then projects her work onto museum walls. In the case of Madrid’s interactive artwork, participants respond to the pyramid’s light patterns, and the pyramid responds to the participants’ responses in a biofeedback loop.

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